Opening up

I opened up July 3, 2020 about all the things that happened to me. I am a survivor of rape, incest, childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and trauma. I discovered my inner voice. I spoke on Association Adult Survivors of Child Abuse was heard and asked again to speak on Your Voices of Hope July 13, 2020. I then was asked to speak again in August 29, 2020 on Re-Discover ME and Against All ODDZ still I rise . I later spoke again im December on December 11, 2020 on Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor. I spoke in on April 8, 2021 on Comfort In The Storm. I spoke May 6, 2021 on Never give up. I then spoke again in May 17, 2021 on Wounded Women Project. I spoke again May 18, 2021 on A Mental Health Break. Then June 9, 2021 on Empowered Voice and The Reality Series: CPS The Horror Stories. I spoke June 16, 2021 with Maryann Petri. I spoke July 5, 2021 with Mask Off Monday. I spoke July 7, 2021 back on Comfort In the storm. I spoke on July 13, 2021 on Hush No More. I just want to say thank God for allowing me to find my inner voice and speak up and speak out. I pray by me speaking up and speaking out I’m not only helping myself but helping others speak up and speak out. God allowed me to turn my pain into Purpose and write a book and speak to the world and share my story and help others. Please feel free to contact me

Looking at one of my abusers

I’m sitting here at court with my son. His dad is here too but I didn’t know that…. I feel damn good knowing that I can sit in the same area and not get depressed or sad. Seems to me like karma is eating him alive, I am a survivor and a warrior. I thank God for being a overcomer. I still stand and share and tell my testimony. I hate that I went through all I went through but I thank God for moving me. I was in a 9 year domestic violence relationship with my som dad from the age of 14 to 23. He was 23 when he started having sex with me. He was 32 when I escaped the domestic relationship.

A spiritual walk with Moses

As I was laying in bed, I felt my legs shake. It was like I was being reborn again, I saw Moses with the cane in his hand and the white scarf wrapped around his head. I keep dreaming about Moses from the Bible. I just joined a Pentecostal church yesterday. I started crying because the Holy Spirit had touched me. I thank God for being saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit. God is a good God. I thank God I don’t look like what I’ve been through in life. Life is just beginning for me. I am a survivor of rape, incest, childhood sexual abuse, and domestic violence. I have a spiritual gift and calling placed upon my life and I thank God. Let the Holy Spirit lead you


I will be speaking today July 7, 2021 at 7pm ET/6pm CT. I am a author, advocate, and a survivor. I thank God for allowing me to find my inner voice. My mission is to help and empower so many other women and children like myself. I pray you can join us on IG LIVE Comfortinthestorm

Feeling alone

What do you do when you feel all alone? No one to talk to? No one to turn to! When you’re back is against the wall? When your family has turned their back against you? When you’re relationship with you boyfriend isn’t working? When you don’t have any close friends you can call and talk to on a daily basic? when you don’t have a relationship with you teenage children? When you’re still trying to find yourself in the mist of backlash and negativity that you’re constantly getting? When you feel like you’re at the end of the road? I feel so alone. I’m on the journey and road of healing. My moods are up and down. My mind wonders here and there. All I can do is pray. I’m in this thing alone. It’s God and I! My 4 year old daughter is with me. She has no one to play with. I try to keep her entertained when I’m not drained. Lord! See me through this and push me through a breakthrough!

When you feel weak, God will lift you up.

God uses his weakest people to become his strongest people. See I’ve always thought I was weak growing up in life but I had to go through some things to get to where I am today. I am stronger than ever. What the enemy meant to do to me, God allowed it to be a testimony. The enemy don’t like when you’re on the right track with God. The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. But God!!!!!